Civic Gathering: Supporting Community Resilience Through Communication

This Gathering has been POSTPONED until mid-July. Please check back for more information.

One of Winchester's great strengths is its high community involvement. Neighbors work together to solve problems, create new things and preserve our heritage, as well as for entertainment and recreation. But it can be hard to coordinate efforts and to connect people with others who share their interests. The current health crisis, recent controversy over racism, and impending major downtown construction have all shown the need for better coordination and connection. Future environmental crises such as floods or storms will face the same issues. Stronger communication makes the community more resilient by empowering people to work together more productively.

Join members of the Town Common Task Force, Network for Social Justice, and a panel of experts for this online discussion around how to improved communication can create resiliency in Winchester organizations, institutions, and community.

The Panelists represent:

  • Crop Mobster Exchange, a community communications and marketplace platform
  • Social Capital, a local grant funder and community partner

Attendance is free and open to all, but all attendees must first register. Registrants will receive a Zoom link one day before the scheduled conversation.

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